Benefits of Becoming an Author | Interview with Brooke Young

Are you a writer with a story you need to share with the world? Is your story living in your computer, but has yet to make it to a publisher? Have you always wanted to write a book, but are afraid to pull the trigger? 

Think about a message you believe the world needs to hear. Now, imagine yourself writing this story and holding a physical copy of your book in your hands. You’re smiling down on it and a sense of accomplishment washes over it like a wave on the beach.

You’ve done it. You’ve become a published author!

This is exactly how Brooke Young felt after she published her first book. On today’s episode of The Award-Winning Authors Show, I interviewed Brooke Young, author of Murray’s Miraculous Mission and a contestant for Miss Ohio 2021. We discussed the personal and professional benefits of becoming a published author.

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Brooke’s platform for Miss Ohio advocates for fostering meaningful multi-generational relationships. To enhance her platform, she decided to write and publish her book to clarify her message and bridge the gap between generations.

As a child, Brooke trained her dog Murray, a golden retriever. She took Murray to nursing homes to interact with the seniors. While she was visiting the homes, she developed life-giving relationships where she learned about diversity, inclusion, and historical events from a first-person perspective.

This experience inspired her to create a children’s book to teach our younger generation about the importance of creating multi-generational relationships. People were always moved by her story when she told them about it in-person, so she knew she had to get it into a book. Now, she’s bringing this message to classrooms all across Ohio.

Brooke knew that writing a book wouldn’t be easy. She says, “but I felt something click inside and realized that I did have the potential to make it happen.” If writing a book were easy, then everyone would be doing it. But you’ll need courage and persistence to get it completed.

You’ll also need a team to help you with the editing, graphics, distribution and marketing. Brooke says, “I knew that I could write the story, but I didn’t know how to do any of the other things.” She continues, “Taking the first step is always the hardest. Once you take that initial step, you build up enough inertia to go forward.” Are you ready to take your first step?

It’s time to get your story out of your head and into a book! Maya Angelou, an award-winning American writer, once said: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” You just need to believe that you can do it, then find a supporting team who can help you turn it into a reality.

If you do decide to become a published author, you’ll start talking about your life in terms of B.B. (“before the book”) and A.B. (“after the book”). People will start introducing you as “author of…”, and you can start speaking on stage to an audience. Here are three more benefits of becoming an author:

  1. Build new connections. Becoming an author will open new doors for you in life. You’ll be the author of a new book that unifies people in a disconnected world. You’ll get to form new partnerships as you network in your industry and around the world. Most importantly, the sense of human connection will warm your heart when people say your book helped them through a difficult time.
  2. Gain a sense of accomplishment. Writing a book is one of life’s greatest achievements. Brooke says, “to have it come from an idea in your head to become a physical reality is unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced before.” She continues, “I’d recommend it to anyone, especially the entrepreneurial type. Just to have something physical can be life-changing.” Soon enough, people will be expecting your second book!
  3. Grow personally and professionally. The process of writing your book will transform you into a new person. You’ll be overwhelmed with a sense of purpose through the message in your book. Now that you’ve unleashed it into the world and readers are consuming this message, you’ll have a new standard to live up to. You’re their role model now. This newfound influence will also translate into your professional life, as you can begin using your book as a vehicle to book speaking events.

The benefits of becoming an author lasts a lifetime. Your book will carry a message throughout your life and across generations. If you’re ready to publish your book, please submit your manuscript on

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Start writing your legacy and become an award-winning author!

To connect with Brooke Young, you can connect with her on LinkedIn here. Or you can purchase Murray’s Miraculous Mission from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or Halo Publishing International.