Bible Book Series Encourages Children to Know and Love God

hebron bible storiesHebron Ministries continues to fill the needs of children and youth in all denominational backgrounds with its Bible Stories and Lessons series designed to enhance Bible Quiz studies and devotionals. Historically, many analogies have been used to describe the Bible. In Bible Stories and Lessons, the Bible is likened to a chest full of treasures to be searched for the discovery of many riches.

This nine-book series introduces its readers to some of the jewels in the Bible including:

  • Explanations of how the seven days of Creation reveal God’s awesome plan and purpose for each reader
  • Details of God’s invitation to a journey by His side
  • Descriptions of and lessons from the journey of the seven men of faith as listed in Hebrews 11
  • A narration of the children of Israel’s journey from Egypt to Canaan, and the lessons that apply to the reader’s life

“The inspiration for developing the series originated after we started our Bible Quiz program—the kids did not always understand the scriptures they were memorizing,” said spokeswoman Rebecca Bustamante. “We searched for Bible stories on the market, but found that many of them didn’t completely fit with what we needed. We want the kids to not only understand the scriptures they memorize but love them, so we invested time and effort to print a series that goes hand in hand with the Hebron Ministries Bible Quiz program.”

Each book is full of beautiful illustrations that will awaken the imagination of readers and make the stories come alive. The story units include lesson summaries that can be adapted for use within a wide range of ages and in various venues, such as family devotionals, Bible Quiz meetings, Sunday School, VBS, after-school clubs, camps, weekend church events, and evangelistic outreach.

“We want them to become awakened and excited,” said Rebecca Bustamante. “A free printable activity book will soon be available for each storybook on our website. Including mazes, word searches, crossword puzzles, dot-to-dot pictures, coloring pages, and cut-and-paste worksheets, these activities will provide an engaging method of reinforcing the material each child learns.”

Hebron Ministries uses the proceeds of the Bible Stories and Lessons series to support mission work and other nonprofit programs throughout the United States and Latin America.

One of the goals of Hebron Ministries is to be an influence in the Body of Christ that brings more unity among ministers of different Christian denominations. This book series is just one of the many ways they are making that goal possible.

You can purchase the Bible Stories and Lessons series through Halo Publishing’s website ( and Hebron Ministries’ website (


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