Bob Cancalosi Equips Leaders for Lifelong Learning and Development

Between work and online priorities, Americans are spending more time than ever before looking at cell phone and laptop screens. Work expectations are evolving as we become connected on a nearly 24/7 basis, and this is producing unique challenges for corporate leadership.


With a career of over 30 years at GE, leadership expert Bob Cancalosi has witnessed firsthand what he terms the “leadership crisis” that corporations have been experiencing in recent decades. The problem is when companies focus on profits instead of directing energy toward their people and their purpose. But for every problem he encounters, Cancalosi finds solutions.


Cancalosi has learned that “The leaders who are deliberately more reflective are more effective.” And reflection often only happens when the computer screen is off.


Over 20 years, Cancalosi has turned to journaling, completing more than 70 journals that have helped him become a better leader.  “Journaling was a way for me to identify how I can modify my approach for better results,” says Cancalosi, who has been mentoring others to achieve similar results. Cancalosi writes all of his journals by hand and recommends others do the same to avoid multitasking. “It is an iterative process where you learn a lot about yourself and how to help others.”


Now, for the first time, Cancalosi is sharing this process in his debut book “Four Loop Learning: The Art of Journaling & Reflective Leadership” where he clearly explains his method. He teaches readers his simple Four Loop process of “Recording what’s relevant, Reflecting on what you wrote, Acting on the most important thing and then Sharing that important thing with others.” According to the author, “It’s the sharing component of this process that inspired me to write this book.”


Writing a book was “a labor of love” for Cancalosi. Few know that Cancalosi wrote the book while battling an aggressive head and neck cancer. He underwent 7 surgeries and journaled throughout his medical journey. Much of the book was written between the author’s home in Milwaukee and Boston where he was receiving medical attention. He is driven by his goal: “to help others be the best they can be.”


“Bob is an inspiration,” comments Publisher Lisa M. Umina. “He is dedicated to mentoring others who want to take charge of their own development, in both professional and personal arenas. This is a transformative read, and I’m proud to bring it to the market.”


For more information about Bob Cancalosi visit “Four Loop Learning: The Art of Journaling & Reflective Leadership” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million. Bob is passionate about our environment and would encourage you to consider his e-book if possible.