Build Author Platform – Sell More Books

The easiest way to increase your book sales is to build an author platform. The bigger your platform, the more visibility you will receive and the more books you will sell. Even if you haven’t published your book yet, you need to start building your platform today!

So what do I mean by author platform?

This is not just you speaking with a microphone from a stage, though it could be part of it. These are all the ways that you communicate with your “tribe” or audience. This includes your email list members, blog subscribers, social media followers, those who attend your events, purchase your books, friends and family.

Your “tribe” is important because you need avenues to promote your book. However, you have to do more than just promote your book with your tribe. You have to give your tribe value to keep them interested. Nobody wants a post in their Facebook newsreel everyday or a weekly eblast saying, “BUY MY BOOK.” However, if they like your book, they will probably like what else you have to say whether it’s what you ate for breakfast or a discussion about a certain topic of interest.

So what is your topic of interest that can help build value to your platform? And how does that relate to your book(s)?

You may write about a something you’re an expert in, theme or life issue. For example, let’s say you wrote a children’s book about dreams and you are a doctor who specializes in sleep. You might start a blog that gives tips and advice on practicing a healthy sleep and dream life. Maybe your write non-fiction in a certain era, why not blog about certain things that you have learned during your research? If you write what you discover as you uncover it, you’ll build excitement and generate interest before the book is completely written.

Once you’ve determined you topic, become an expert in that area, if you’re not already. Next build a community of those interested in your field. (This is your tribe.) Then occasionally inform your audience about your book, book signings, events and other products that you may come up with along the way.

As you are building value to your platform, don’t forget to collect data – names and emails. This is probably the most important step. Why? Because you are not just looking for a one-time sale. You’re going to develop more product and services. You want your tribe to know about it all. Collecting their email is the best way to do that because that gives you control of contacting them when they need to know about your newest book release or sign up for your upcoming seminar.

So who’s ready to build their platform and sell more books? We can help you! Contact us to set up your free marketing consultation today!