Build Awareness About Your Book Through Donations

One way to increase the sale of your book is by connecting to a non-profit that you have an emotional connection with and donating a portion of the profits.

Donate a Portion of the Profits

Giving away a portion of the profits of your book is a tactic that many businesses have used to help consumers pay it forward. Depending on the subject of your book, you may have a natural connection with a non-profit organization.

For example, with Rev. Dr. Todd A. Biermann’s latest book Handing Out Life: The Simple Way to Rewarding Relationships in All of Life, he plans to give a portion of his profits to an organization that is dedicated to helping couples manage their relationship.

Dr. Daniel Scott Marrone, another Halo author, has written a book about leaders from New York entitled New York Heroes: Herkimer, Lincoln, TR, & La Guardia. He might consider donating a portion of the sale of this book to the New York City Historical Society.

I used a similar tactic with my book Milo and the Green Wagon. The children’s story teaches children about generosity, selflessness, love and respect for all people.

Part of the promotion for the launch of my self-published book was a partnership with a local food bank, St. Augustine’s Hunger Center.

I worked with Sister Corita Ambro from the Hunger Center to organize a food drive in the community.

As part of the process, I also partnered with a local truck company who offered to provide and upgraded “green wagon” for the collection of food.

I put the word out and managed to attract local news that filmed the event and interviewed both myself and Sister Ambro.

I donated a portion of the sale of each book to the center as well as the food collected and also provided copies of the book to the children of St Augustine.

Here are a few ways you can donate a portion of your profits:

Single Day Donation – % of Sale Unlimited

Seek out an event that is sponsored by a non-profit that is a natural fit to your book; children’s reading, hunger, women’s shelter, garden society, Boys and Girls club.

Offer to attend their event and do a reading.

Donate a portion of every book sale to the organization, i.e. 50% of every book sold goes to this event today only

Ongoing Donation

  • Select a charity that is close to your heart and is also a natural connection to the subject of your book.
  • Determine a percentage of the sale that will go to that charity for an unlimited period of time, i.e. 10% of every book sold goes to XYZ Charity
  • Connect with the charity to make them aware of your intention
  • Create a section of your website dedicated to the charity
  • Advertise as part of the book that each book sold is also a charitable donation and that portion is tax deductible for the buyer

E-Books Are the Best

If you have decided to offer your book in an e-reader format, you have the added benefit of a non-existent cost factor so that almost 100% of the sale of each PDF format is available for donation. Consider making part of the proceeds of your ebook available as a donation to a non-profit organization you believe in.

Selecting the Right Non-Profit

If you don’t already have an affiliation with a non-profit or if an organization doesn’t immediately appear to connect with your book, you might consider a few tips for selecting a charity to receive your donations.

Shelley Hitz, non-fiction writer, offers a few tips for picking a non-profit to receive your donations:

If you’re interested in using your book to raise funds for a charity, it’s important to find the right group. Ideally, your organization will be somehow connected to what you write about. Do you write military fiction? Maybe you could contact a service that helps wounded veterans. Do you write inspirational books for women? Find a shelter that helps battered women who will benefit from your message. A friend of mine has a picture book with lots of nature scenes and once did a fundraising book sale at our local zoo.

Consider connecting with these local non-profits in your area:charities

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Houses of Worship
  • Food bank
  • Historical societies
  • Shelters
  • Hospitals
  • Goodwill
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

Still not sure? Check out the Local Listing of Charities. This is a website directory that enables you to enter your local area and find a listing of charities seeking donations.  You will find charities in a variety of areas. Select the one that means the most to you.

Bottom Line: Your book is available to you as a tool for creating brand awareness; the more people have your book in their hands, the more people they will tell about it. Offering your book as a way to give back to a charitable organization is a great way for creating awareness and supporting the community.