Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Self-Published Books

youtube 1If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video is worth its weight in gold.  YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet following Google. When people want to learn something, they go to YouTube. They could go to Google and read about it or the library and find a book or the community center and take a class, but why do that when YouTube will probably have a hundred videos showing you how.


Have you created a YouTube channel? You may have already figured out how to upload videos to YouTube but you may not be aware that you can create a channel – just like Oprah did with the O Network. Videos about you from you all day, all the time.

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel except instead of NBC or ABC, it is on the channel of YOU.

By creating your own channel, you can customize the design to match your website and/or blog thereby extending your brand. Here is my YouTube channel for my books and my business.

Notice that the image I used for the header is also the same photo on my Facebook page and blog. Readers that come to my YouTube channel automatically know they have landed on the right page because of the consistency in the look.


So how do you get started?

Visit the YouTube home page and sign up – you can sign up with your Google information. From there, you will follow a detailed series of steps to create your channel.

YouTube allows you to create multiple channels so you can have one for each book or for your company name or your name. I would suggest that you start with a channel named after you. This helps with the search results when someone is looking for you. People are more likely to remember your name than the name of your book or company.

Create your channel

The process of setting up a YouTube channel changes as the settings change; each of the social media networks seem to go through a metamorphosis annually which requires that you learn the “how-to” all over again. So I have found a really great, easy to follow, current instruction video that I would recommend you watch. It is about 12 minutes long but the instructions are very clear and you can start and stop the video as your follow along setting up your channel.

Add videos to your channel

Once you have setup your channel, you’ll need to upload a few videos. Add videos of presentations you have given or MP3 files of you sitting at your desk talking to the camera on your computer – any videos you have will be a great addition to your channel.

Make sure that each video you up load includes:

  • A detailed title
  • Key words that will help people find your video
  • The computer URL to your website – including http:// so that the link is live and easy to click on
  • A description of the video that includes your name, the name of your book and the key words people might be searching to find your video

 Lastly, start promoting your video channel.

  • Send an email blast inviting people to visit your channel and subscribe so that they receive notice each time you upload a new video.
  • Mention the channel on social media with a live link to the page – do this multiple time – not just the week you go live, but every week thereafter.
  • Write a blog article about your channel and the types of videos you hope to upload.
  • Ask your community what types of videos they would like to see and then invite them to visit your page.
  • Include the link as part of your “Follow Us” section of your website, your blog and your email signature.
  • Put the link address on your business cards.
  • Mention your new channel at the next chamber lunch.
  • Shout it from your roof.

As with everything else you are doing to promote yourself as an author and your books – you need to tell them about it, tell them again and tell them you told them. People need to hear a message multiple times for it to register. Just think about how many times you have to tell your kids to clean up their room.

Bottom Line: YouTube is an incredibly valuable tool for marketing yourself as a subject matter expert and your books so let’s get started!