Donna J. Moore Proves that Positivity Can Save Your Life, Overcoming Battle against Rare Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is difficult for anyone to receive, and Donna Moore’s prognosis was not optimistic.

“I was told from the beginning that most people’s bodies can’t handle the treatment, let alone withstand the cancer,” Moore recounts.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with Adenosarcoma, a rare type of uterine cancer. When the cancer was discovered to be metastatic, her oncologist prepared for the worst. “The treatment for metastatic cancer focuses on extending and maintaining one’s quality of life—not finding a cure. At least this was the situation when I first met Donna Moore,” medical oncologist Michael S. Gordon writes.

“In that moment, I realized we had an uphill battle and we were going to have to start treatment right away,” explains Moore.

In addition to starting treatment, Moore began to read about other cancer patients who had survived the disease. “I wanted to know what they did to survive. The common thread was if you don’t keep the energy in your body flowing positively it will impede treatment. I focused a lot on keeping my energy flow positive, and a lot of that was humor. A lot of it was God.”

Her “adventure with cancer,” as Moore has dubbed it, meant trying everything and anything that promised to help her heal. From essential oils to energy work and traditional treatments, Moore was open to everything. She began writing regular e-mail updates, and she realized that she was not only keeping her friends and family apprised of her status but also entertained by her upbeat stories about this trying chapter of her life.

It was this e-mail correspondence that prompted Moore to write a book so that her story could be a resource to others who were facing an especially challenging life situation or disease.

Of the book, Moore comments, “I hope it will help people to approach these difficult situations positively and to add humor to it. To be able to laugh at a difficulty and not to take it so seriously. People need to know that there are so many different ways of healing yourself, and everybody has a unique approach.”

Defeating this rare cancer, Moore overcame odds that were undeniably stacked against her.

“It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Donna’s recovery was nothing short of miraculous,” adds Publisher Lisa M. Umina. “This author illustrates so clearly that, in a world where many take a poor prognosis as a death sentence, there is room for positivity, faith, and incredible healing.”

For more information about Donna Moore, visit and “Handle With Love: One Woman’s Approach to Kicking a Nasty-Ass Cancer” is now available at Halo Publishing International and Amazon in Paperback for $14.95 and as an e-Book for $4.98.

About the Author:  Donna is an ordinary person who experienced an unsurvivable adventure with grace and love. She shares her story with others to give them hope and inspiration. She is a CPA, a person of numbers, yet she declined the invitation to learn her odds of survival in order to keep herself centered with God.