Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Account

Halo facebookFacebook is not the easiest social media platform to use but with the largest audience, over one BILLION users, it is hard to ignore it as a viable place to market your self-published book.

However, with the changes Facebook has made in the last year, it has become more challenging to get your message out there without spending a fortune on ads and boosted posts.

So what can you do to make the most of your account?

The first thing you need to do is be aware of the updated applications available that have been made to work with your Facebook account to improve visibility. Kenny Novak wrote an article earlier this year offering 25 apps for Facebook users; some of which are worth looking into.

Kenny has divided the type of apps into five categories:

App Suites

If you’re only going to install one piece of software, or if you want one location with a bunch of different options, these are your best bets.

Tab Apps

These are the apps you should turn to when you’re looking to create a unique tab on Facebook. You can integrate your other social accounts or media sources with Facebook using these apps, or you can use them to create customized frame-based web pages to use as landing pages.

Scheduling Apps

These are the apps you’ll want to use if you’re a busy entrepreneur and don’t have time to spend managing your Facebook page at all hours. Use them to queue up posts months in advance, manage your engagement, mitigate spam and otherwise ease your busy schedule.

Contest Apps

These are the apps you’ll want to use if you want to run a Facebook-based contest. Remember Facebook’s contest rules, avoid running a contest in a bare text post, and use your app to get opt-ins or other valuable conversions while you give away whatever strikes your fancy.

Misc. Other Apps

These are the apps that didn’t warrant a category of their own. They do everything from help you set up a page to help you integrate a wealth of other forms of content on your page.  

Another article chock-full of great current information about Facebook applications is called Top 20 Apps for Small Business. Again the apps mentioned are good and each offers a different tactical solution for marketing your book however, most will have a monthly fee associated.

Beyond using applications that enhance your Facebook account make sure you do a few basic steps first:

  1. Complete every possible piece of information available on your Facebook profile. Link back to your website and/or blog, give a detailed description of your writing, use key words and hashtags that represent your genre.
  2. Update your visuals. You may have noticed that I frequently change the cover photo on my Facebook page. The cover photo is a large bit of real estate on your page and you want to grab the attention of the reader right away.
  3. Be relevant with your content. Incorporate current events with your posts. Share posts from other pages and offer up information that is more value than sales pitch.
  4. Gosh – this is the most important part of any social media participation. In fact, here is a great bit of advice from David Trounce’s ofMallee Blue Media, a social media guru:

“Spend a week where you post nothing to social media. Instead, select a platform that best represents your audience (…) [and] find people talking either about your brand or your niche. In particular, look for problems you can solve.

Start talking to them. Point them to a resource. Comment or offer some suggestions.

 If you are wanting to build bridges in your niche, link prospecting or guest post opportunities, respond to one or two of their tweets in a helpful way, retweet it and if they seem responsive, pitch an offer.

 With this strategy I am usually able to pick up a new client or a guest post opportunity from only a handful or carefully chosen connections each week.”

Lastly, keep up with the latest changes, tools and techniques for using Facebook. If you are researching the answer to a question, make sure that you read the most current information. Facebook is known for making changes and then not clearly communicating the how-to.

If you search for “new Facebook marketing tools” pay attention to the date on the article that is written. Information that is two or three years old (or even from last year) may not be the best information available. Consider adding the year to your search so that you receive the latest information.

Bottom Line: Facebook can be a really valuable way to connect with readers of your book(s) but you also don’t want it to become a time drain that takes away from writing your next book. Make sure that you set aside time specific to using Facebook for marketing and when that time is up – move on to more important things!