Gina Angelini Encourages Children to Use their Imagination

Teaching children empathy and inclusion from a young age can shape the way they see the world—and animals are one way of incorporating these lessons into a child’s education. These life skills will stay with a child throughout their life, helping them to make friends with people who are different from themselves.


With over twenty years of experience as a nanny, Gina Angelini has worked with many children of different ages. After attending business college, Angelini also went on to own her own cleaning business in addition to working as a party planner. With this range of professional experience, Angelini has a unique insight that she brings to her work with children.


One thing she recognized was that the children she was working with needed more encouragement to use their imagination. “Children today don’t use their imagination enough,” Angelini explained.


In order to change that, Angelini decided to write a children’s book with the goal of fostering imagination. “I’m hoping that we can teach our children a fun way to use their imagination,” she says.


The author aims to help children develop their observational skills. “I use a lot of vibrant colors,” Angelini explains.


“Gigi’s Seasons with Friends” is the second book in a series that follows the adventures of Gigi, an energetic Maltese. The first book, “Gigi’s Great Adventures,” details Gigi’s travels abroad. In the second book, Gigi makes new friends at home. Together, the friends partake in different activities throughout the four seasons of the year. “I live in upstate New York,” the author explains. “I love the four seasons, and I get excited to see each one, which is why I decided to portray them in this book.”


Gigi has an important lesson to teach children. According to Angelini, “Throughout the whole book Gigi is meeting different characters. All of the characters in the book—three dogs and a cat—are all friends to show that no matter how different every animal is, we can all be friends.”


Publisher Lisa M. Umina comments, “Angelini has a timeless message. Children, parents, and educators alike will enjoy this colorful book and its memorable characters.”


For more information about Gina Angelini visit “Gigi’s Seasons with Friends” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million.