Help Your Children Become Published Authors

miguel 2Does your child like to write stories? Have they written one that you’d like to preserve in an actual book format?

I’d like to introduce you to Miguel Coppedge.  He’s only nine years old but he has a great imagination and loves to tell stories. That love of reading and story-telling led to the publication of his first children’s picture book, The Adventures of Fireman; the first in a series of stories straight from the imagination of a nine year old.


Not only is his book published in a hard back format with wonderful illustrations to help convey the story, but it is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Imagine giving your child the opportunity to become a published author.

Are you familiar with Christopher Paolini?  He was just a teen when his wildly popular book Eragon was first published. He has gone on to write and publish a series of novels that have made him a household name with teens and sci-fi lovers.

From his Amazon bio we learn that “as a child, he often wrote short stories and poems, made frequent trips to the library, and read widely. The idea of Eragon began as the daydreams of a teen. Christopher’s love for the magic of stories led him to craft a novel that he would enjoy reading.” 

I believe that there are a lot more children who have stories that they would love to turn into books; therefore, I’ve developed a program, along with other members of the Halo Publishing team, to help parents support their children’s aspirations.

Young-authorThe Young Authors program help make your child’s dream a reality. For one price we offer:

  • A professional editor to help fine tune your child’s story
  • An illustrator who will not only design the cover art but will also provide artwork for the actual story
  • Publishing final details:
    • A bar code so the book can be made available through all the online publishing houses
    • National bookstore distribution
    • Author’s PR kit which includes business cards and customized book marks to help promote their book
  • Marketing plan assistance:
    • The author and book will be featured on our International website
    • We will conduct a radio interview with the author to help them share more of the details behind the creation of their story as well as plans for future books

Consider these authors:

Maureen Daly who wrote the Seventeeth Summer when she was only 17. The book was published in 1942 and Daly is attributed with starting the young adult genre of fiction works. While still in high school she was a published, award winning author.

Alec Greven wrote an incredibly insightful self-help book called How to Talk to Girls when he was only nine! Talk about being ahead of your time. After the success of his first book, he penned: How to Talk to MomsHow to Talk to DadsHow to Talk to Santa, and Rules for School.

Françoise Sagan’s 1954 story Bonjour Tristesse — which followed a troubled bourgeois family on the French Riviera — was published when she was still a teenager and became an instant success.

miguel 3These are all examples of children, like Miguel, who had stories to share and found ways to get their words into book format and in the hands of readers.

Check out these pictures of Miguel as he reads his own published book to a classroom filled with children. Inspiring!

Bottom line: If you have a child who loves to write stories or know someone who does, consider checking out our new Young Author’s program. It is a great way to encourage, support and validate their talents.