Hola Publishing Internacional Brings New Talent, Providing Unparalleled Services in Mexico

Hola Publishing is changing the publishing landscape in Mexico. For the first time, authors and companies can access print-on-demand services, securing competitive pricing for high-quality printing as well as global distribution.


Hola has filled a crucial gap in the Mexican publishing market—before Hola came to Mexico City, “there really wasn’t a self-publishing company that offered full publishing services,” founder and publisher Lisa M. Umina explains. Comprehensive services include cover design, interior layout, editing, and extensive marketing. Umina herself works from the Mexican headquarters.


Hola Publishing recently announced that their corporate headquarters will be located in Mexico City, enabling the publishing company to provide in-house consultations to authors. “This is a huge step in their writing career,” Umina says. “Now, they have the opportunity to meet the team and shake the hands of the people who are helping them to leave a legacy.”


Hola Publishing has brought on additional literary consultants to fill the demand. “Before, authors had to look to companies in Spain. Now, they can publish with a company at home. The authors meet our talented team in person and see first-hand the kind of quality we are producing,” says Umina.


As the owner of Hola, Umina has spent time researching the market. She knows her company is offering services that aren’t available elsewhere. “We are a very unique company in Mexico because we handle our authors’ needs from design to print to global distribution.” Hola has worked with a diverse clientele of professionals, ranging from journalists to doctors and lawyers, and increasingly, corporations whose print needs are not being met elsewhere.


Hola offers what is called print-on-demand, which means that authors or companies can order smaller quantities of printed products—from books to manuals or brochures. By partnering with a high-quality printer in Mexico, pricing is competitive with the United States.


The Mexican headquarters is good news for clients in the United States as well, as demand grows for bilingual books. The services that are being offered in the United States haven’t changed, in fact, they’ve improved. “We have it set up even better,” says Umina of the changes.


In the future, Hola plans to partner with bookstores in Mexico in order to continue increasing circulation.


With 17 years of experience in the publishing industry, Lisa M. Umina has worked with many award-winning authors, helping them to publish their dream and coaching them to bring their writing career to the next level. Her company has published over 2,000+ titles, and she is the founder and owner of Halo Publishing International and Hola Publishing Internacional.