How Authors Set Up School Events

Have you written a book and need to figure out how to market it? Are you wondering how to get people to hear your message?

Writing your story as a children’s book is a smart strategy to influence the world. Break down your story into a simple and compelling message that will stay with children forever.

When I wrote Milo and the Green Wagon, I had no idea what would come next. I wrote this book based on a true story, and it led to a career as an author, speaker, and CEO of Halo Publishing International. Now, we have published over 2,000 titles in the last 20 years.

I needed to find a creative way to get students to read my book, so I created a 45-minute school program and pitched it to principals. I created two separate programs, one for students K-4th and another for students grades 5th-8th. I used puppets and 11 different voices to bring the story alive.

Soon, I was traveling across the U.S. and internationally to share my stories. Now, it’s your turn. Once you’ve decided which story you’ll share, develop a program or workshop for schools, churches and nonprofits. 

Pitch this program to schools as a public speaking engagement. Once you’ve secured these engagements, don’t forget these critical steps for the event.

Before Your Event

Send an e-blast to the librarians and principals introducing your program. Follow up with a phone call to explain the program, the fee and set up an author event. After the principal signs the author speaking agreement, send an electronic press kit including the book order form to the school they can print it or include the book order form electronical parent’s package. This way, parents can easily order a copy of your book before or after your event.

During Your Event

Start with an icebreaker. Get the audience warmed up and excited for your talk. Use props to bring your story to life. Conclude with a Q&A session to wrap up the event.

After Your Event

Stay after the event to autograph books. Normally, this is done in the principal’s office or library. Leave them with a personalized message so they remember you.

Once I delivered the program, I had built fruitful relationships. When I wrote another book, I already had a network of principals looking for new programs to engage their students.

I started getting invitations to speak on TV and radio shows. The word was spreading! So, what story will you share with the world? What program will you create to pitch to schools, churches and nonprofits? 

Write a brief outline of your program or workshop. Research local schools or nonprofit organizations. Send them an email introducing your program. Take action today and start getting your name out there!

Lisa Michelle Umina is an award-winning author, publisher and CEO of Halo Publishing International. She is a keynote speaker, author of the award-winning Milo and the Green Wagon, and host of the “Award-Winning Authors” podcast. To discuss your book with Lisa, visit to book a consultation. Start writing your legacy today!