Improve Book Sales and Ensure that Your Book Reaches Its Full Potential

Publishing a book is an incredible achievement that has the power to change your life and the lives of those who read your work. It is a legacy that can outlive and out-reach any one individual.

However, too often, authors think that publishing their book is the finish line when in reality, it is just the beginning of a challenging but rewarding journey. I hear many authors who are frustrated because even though they have a great story, they are having trouble getting that story into the hands of their readers.

The answer is surprisingly simple: the creativity and vision that went into making the book a reality are also essential elements in drafting a successful author marketing and branding strategy so that your work can reach its full potential. You are building something that goes beyond one single book: you are building an author’s platform and the beginning of your career as a writer.

So what are the components of a successful book marketing campaign?

There are two main branches to consider when you are designing your marketing campaign: digital and in-person efforts. Firstly, you need to consider in-person appearances: book signings, speaking engagements, and partnering with local businesses and organizations. Secondly, today’s technologies enable us the incredible ability to reach audiences all over the world in the simple click of a button. Digital marketing efforts can be done from the comfort of your own home, and they have a huge potential to establish you as an expert in your field and boost book sales. You can target your plan towards the places your book is available, such one of the world’s biggest booksellers: Amazon.

You can tap into your passion as a part of your digital marketing campaign. Chances are if you published a book you love writing. Well, the writing does not end once you have completed your book! One marketing technique mentioned at is starting a blog, which is just one of the fifteen actionable steps they list for DIY book promotion.

Social media has a huge potential for you to be able to connect with potential readers and digitally stay in front of your audiences. Facebook alone has over 2.13 billion monthly active users, which represents a 14% increase from last year. 1.15 billion mobile users are active every day.

Even before pursuing one or both of these marketing paths, however, it is important to think strategically about your message. What are you and your story bringing to the table? Why would organizations be interested in partnering with you? If you were to do an author event, what would you talk about? In short: what is your message? Having a clear message before you begin pursuing different marketing options will facilitate this work so that you can have clear and goal-oriented conversations as you begin creating partnerships and spreading the word about the work you are doing.