Inspirational Voice Finally to Reach the Public

In the United States, there are less than 200,000 cases of uterine cancer per year, which makes it a rare form of cancer.


Angelique S. Jones battled this rare cancer for exactly one year. In spite of her illness, “Angelique could always be found sharing her wisdom and knowledge with family, friends, and colleagues,” says her sister Anita Jones.


Even throughout her sickness, “Angelique always encouraged other people. She continued to pray for others, minister to them, and share wisdom and knowledge from her amazing journey.” Angelique would help those around her to work through personal issues, create business plans, and even help them to determine their purpose in life.


Anita explains that “Her passion was helping young women.” Angelique found one outlet for doing that professionally through her work in higher education. She served as the Associate Director of Admissions at Ursuline College, located in Pepper Pike, Ohio.


Angelique passed in 2014, at the age of 35—but even in passing, she found a way to continue guiding and encouraging her loved ones.


Angelique was not only courageously fighting her battle with cancer, but she was also working on writing a book during her sickness. “She finished writing it four months before she passed away,” Anita explains, “and I promised my family that I would get access to it and publish it. I was so inspired by my sister. She was my hero. This is my way of making sure that her legacy carries on.”


Although it took Anita several years to access the book, now, it will finally be made available to the public. The book chronicles Angelique’s experiences with dating, her career, and her ministry. Angelique shares her own spiritual revelations in order to help others with their spiritual life too. The book has already brought joy to Angelique’s family, and their goal is for it to impact the lives of others as well.


Publisher Lisa M. Umina comments, “We are excited to be making this truly inspirational book available. Angelique’s story will help others to reflect on their own lives and the challenges that they are facing.”


For more information about Angelique S. Jones visit “A Diary Unveiled: The Spiritual Insights of a Single Woman” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million.