It is Amazing What Five Dollars Will Buy

A dollar may not go as far as it used to but there are a ton of people around the globe who will do amazing things for just five dollars.

Fiverr is anfiverr shells online virtual assistant job site filled with thousands of people offering their talents at the unheard of price of $5.00. The reason I am telling you this is because you should be aware of this inexpensive and yet effective promotional tool.

For just $5.00 you can find someone to:

  • Sing happy birthday to you like Marilyn Monroe
  • Record your outgoing phone message like Marlon Brando
  • Ink the URL to your website on their lips, forehead, hand and more

Sound silly? Perhaps but there are also a large number of marketing and promotional tasks that people are willing to do on your behalf for just one half of a sawbuck!

fiverr jingleThey will:

  • Tweet about your book to thousands of readers
  • Promote your video
  • Create a video talking about your book
  • Feature your book on Instagram
  • Reach thousands of readers on Facebook
  • Promote your Facebook page
  • Sing a song about your book
  • Manage your social media for a month
  • Set up a WordPress blog
  • Fix any WordPress problems
  • Monitor the SEO of your website for a week

I am serious – you can find someone willing to do just about any business, data entry, marketing, or virtual assistant job you can imagine for just $5.

And if you like the person and the quality of their work, they also offer more extensive services for additional $5 and $10 contracts.

fiverr puppetI have used Fiverr to promote a video, to Tweet on my behalf, to drive traffic to my website and share information on Instagram. For $5 – it is worth giving it a try.

As always, I bring this information to you without receiving any benefit; I am not an affiliate for Fiverr; it is just a cool tool I thought you might like to know about.

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Bottom line: It is just $5. Make sure you read the customer reviews and select someone who has a great reputation. There are hundreds of people willing to do the same thing so select the person that appears to have the best turnaround time and best reviews.