Julie Kemp Shares Grief Journey to Help Others Heal

“Death happens every single day. It is something we are all going to face,” author Julie Kemp comments. “Losing someone you love is a very dark season, but people need to have hope that it is not a forever season. Even before you get to heaven, you can still find joy.”

When a tragic car accident unexpectedly took her husband’s life, Kemp knew her life would never be the same. For Kemp, the crash was the beginning of a long and painful grief journey, as her son Landon Whitley was in a coma that would last for nineteen excruciating days.

Landon’s recovery was miraculous, as were his accounts of three visits to heaven that corresponded with the three times his body had medically died.

“I really felt that God was calling me to write a book, and I argued with Him about it for a long time. I told Jesus that He picked the wrong person, that I’m not a writer,” Kemp comments. After passing a marquis that was engraved with the words, “Faith Has Its Reasons,” Kemp knew she had found her title.

She began writing, and once her story was published, it picked up traction quickly, as she and her son traveled around the country speaking at different churches and appearing on the Dr. Oz show as well as The 700 Club. In addition to touring the nation, Kemp has been working as a GriefShare facilitator since 2008, using her own experience to help others navigate the difficult loss of a loved one.

Now, Kemp is releasing the second edition of “Faith Has Its Reasons,” and she has also teamed up with her son Landon to publish a book for children entitled “Highway to Heaven” about Landon’s three trips to heaven.

Accompanied by vivid illustrations, “Highway to Heaven” helps to broach the difficult subject of death with children. “Children also have to face the death of parents and grandparents,” explains Kemp. “It’s hard to understand, and children are struggling with the same questions that adults are.”

Publisher Lisa M. Umina comments, “Julie and Landon’s story has already touched so many lives, and I know it will continue impacting those in need. These books offer hope and a beacon of light to many who need to hear this message.”

Of the books, Kemp states, “My hope for these books has always been to help just one person who is on their grief journey and struggling.”

For more information about Julie Kemp visit www.halopublishing.com and www.faithhasitsreasons.com. “Faith Has Its Reasons” and “Highway to Heaven” are now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million.