Kelci Hart Brock Introduces Children to the Magical World of Spirit Animals

In the United States, people are identifying with their spirituality today more than ever before. Mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga have become common in schools and at home, as research is already pointing to the myriad benefits.


Kelci Hart Brock earned a master’s in accounting and went on to a successful career in the field, but she knew she was seeking something more in life. “I started exploring spirituality, mindfulness, yoga, and inner-child work as a part of understanding what it means to really be alive inside,” Brock explains.


One practice that particularly impacted Brock’s journey was connecting to spirit animals. She learned that while there were one or two “power” animals, she could also call on other spirit animals for guidance in her day to day life.


In guided meditation, Brock reached out to her own power animals, but she realized that spirit animals can also impart a message to us in our day to day lives—like when she came across a praying mantis that helped her understand that she needed to spend contemplative time alone before re-engaging with others around her.


“The world of spirit animals is really playful and fun,” says Brock. “These animals help to show you what your life journey is about.”


Brock decided to write a children’s book to teach people of any age about how they too can call on spirit animals in a moment of need. “As humans, we naturally like to express what we love in different ways. I wanted my children to see how animals can help them on their journey.”


Enter Brock’s debut book for children: “Spirit Animals Say: Volume 1.” The writing process came naturally to Brock, as she wrote about one animal per day over a two week period. “It was like the animals were writing through me,” she says.


“Sometimes people have the misconception that spirituality has to always be a very serious matter,” comments Publisher Lisa M. Umina. “Brock is helping people see how much fun they can have connecting with the natural world around them at the same time that they are gaining a deeper understanding of themselves.” The book also features beautiful artwork collected from various artists and curated by Jen Gassiraro.


For more information about Kelci Hart Brock visit “Spirit Animals Say: Volume 1” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million.