Kristin Reilly and Pamela Morris Promote Timeless Message about Giving

Mother and daughter duo, Kristin Reilly and Pamela Morris, teamed up to remind families what true Christmas spirit can mean in our lives. The average American spends approximately $700 preparing for Christmas and the holiday season, but often the presents that cost the least end up meaning the most.

Reilly decided to bring to life a story she and her mother had penned together years ago for a grade school assignment, as a Christmas surprise this year. With decades of experience working as an educator, Pamela Morris instilled a love of writing in her daughter from a young age.

“My mother has always loved writing, which she passed on to me,” Reilly recounts. “Together, we wrote this story, about a little boy who learns the power of giving for the first time and how special that is.”

The story is a Christmas classic, brought to life through vivid illustrations. According to the authors, “A Gift of Love” is inspired by love and the power of giving. “I want readers to remember the spirit of the holidays and what they represent—the joy that it brings to people,” says Reilly.

“Our family has always valued the spirit of Christmas,” Reilly adds. “Christmas Eve is my mom’s favorite time of the year. For us, it has always been all about family. This is a very special time to laugh and talk and relive memories together.”

Publisher Lisa M. Umina comments, “This is a story about the holidays, but the message is one we should remember throughout the entire year. Reilly and Morris remind readers that the best gift of all is often the least materialistic.”

People often get so busy around the holidays, that they forget to enjoy the simplicity of spending time with family. Bringing back true Christmas spirit—and taking a break from our hectic lives—is an important lesson to apply in our lives regardless of the season.

“I hope that during this busy time, people will remember to spend time with their loved ones, to volunteer, and to bring this feeling of love and joy into their day to day lives,” adds Reilly.

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