Lisa Cassman Advocates Better Communication for Spiritual Wellness

Today individuals are spending more time than ever before connected to devices: phones, computers, and the television. But interacting via screens too often means less face-to-face interaction which can have a detrimental impact on interpersonal relationships as well as personal and spiritual wellness.

“We need to get back to that communication,” says Lisa Cassman who is an author and motivational speaker for women in addition to owning and managing a spa and salon. Much of her work revolves around wellness, and through her work with her clients, Cassman was able to identify the problem as well as a potential solution.

“People text so much instead of taking the time to talk,” explains Cassman who has experienced this shift in her own relationships as well. “I text with my sons all the time.”

With a master’s in Christian counseling and a pastor’s license, Cassman knows that this breakdown in communication affects people’s spiritual lives as well. “People need to spend more time talking to God,” she says. “We need to pray for other people in our lives. It’s easy to say it but more difficult to follow through.”

To accomplish this goal, Cassman decided to pen her fourth book “Talk Before Text,” a prayer journal that helps individuals develop their prayer practice.

In previous books, Cassman has written about marriage in “The Road Less Traveled,” in addition to publishing a collection of poetry entitled “The Light in Your Eyes,” and a book on self-worth for women called “Finding the Beautiful You.” With her fourth book, she decided to address a broader audience. “This book is for everyone,” she explains.

“I created a prayer journal so people could be intentional about their communication with God as well as with their loved ones.” Cassman’s aim is that people use this book as a way to spend more time with God and with their families.

“I want readers to be able to communicate more with God and with their families,” she says.

Publisher Lisa M. Umina comments, “Cassman has an important message for all of us. She is doing exactly the work that we should be paying attention to.”

For more information about Lisa Cassman visit “Talk Before Text” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million. Cassman’s other titles are also available for purchase online.