New Children’s Picture Book with Stunning Artwork Explores the World of a Hopi Indian Girl

Washington, DC, November 2015 – Newly released picture book about a Hopi
(pronounced: hope-ee) Indian girl takes readers through many metaphorical
doors to explore the different aspects that influence our
lives: family, friendship, culture, education, creativity, and nature.

TALASI… A Story of Tenderness and Love exposes children to new experiences
as they journey with Talasi through her new world. This charming and
sensitively illustrated book encourages young learners how  to never stop
exploring the world around them.

Many American children are growing up in a multicultural world and are
curious to understand all the cultures surrounding them. “Traveling through
Arizona, I was curious myself about what life on an Indian reservation was
like when I visited a Hopi tribe,” said author Ellen S. Cromwell. “I wanted
to understand the culture of these people and visited with a kikmongwi,
primarily a religious leader for the tribe. This experience truly touched

TALASI.A Story of Tenderness and Love is about a young Hopi Indian girl
named Talasi. Her name comes from corn tassel flowers that surround her
pueblo home in Arizona. Tassels are tall, slender flowers clustered at the
very top of corn. Corn, in its many forms, provides basic nourishment for
Hopi People.

Wonderfully written, this children’s book clearly reflects the author’s
fascination with the Hopi people and their history. Hopi means “peaceful
person” or “civilized person” in the Hopi language and Ellen S. Cromwell
evokes a compelling portrait of the Hopi Indians and how they truly are a
peaceful people. “The richness of Talasi’s Indian culture will expand the
horizons of any child who reads this book,”
said illustrator Desiree Sterbini. “I researched to make sure every
illustration was authentic to the Hopi culture. I wanted the themes of love,
family, and friendship to be something each child could relate to.”

With the author and illustrator using personal, real life experiences and
pictures to draw from, the book exemplifies what it means to value all
cultures that make up the world we live in and that no matter what children
can solve problems with love and courage. “A lot of the imagery is from
personal experiences. I grew up as an immigrant in the Bronx and remember
the neighborhood coming together to build this treehouse for all the kids to
play in. It was amazing and we felt like we were on top of the world ” said
author Ellen S. Cromwell. “Those childhood experiences and what I learned
from the Hopi tribe and its culture helped me create Talasi and her world.”

Not only does this picture book have multicultural overtones, but parents
and educators will find the author used sight words and repetition to make
this the perfect book for classrooms and bookshelves.

“Reading a book together as a family or in the classroom is one simple yet
very special tradition,” said Halo Publisher Lisa M. Umina.
“Readers of all ages will find this picture book is heartwarming and helps
keep you and your children connected through the upcoming holiday season.”

You can purchase “TALASI… A Story of Tenderness and Love” through Halo
Publishing’s website (, Amazon, and B&N.

Author Ellen Cromwell is the founder of the Georgetown Hill Early Schools in
Montgomery County, Maryland and has been an educator of young children since
the 1970’s and is the author of three early childhood professional texts
including Nurturing Readiness in Early Childhood Education, Allyn & Bacon,
2000. Wiggle-Dee-Dee, Splash Puddle Splash, and Are You Listening, Potbelly?
are three recent children’s books she has authored. You can learn more at
her website

Artist, Desiree Sterbini creates award-winning works with oil pastels and
colored pencils on textured paper and board. Her sensitive compositions are
detailed with vibrant colors and strokes, created by stumps of rolled paper
and brush. Women of color, children, the simple lives of ordinary people and
nature are her primary subjects. Desiree received a Bachelor of Fine Arts
from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and continues to study
through workshops and studio classes. Her oil pastel paintings have been
exhibited and featured throughout the DC metro area and nationally
including, Embassy of Cote d’Ivoire, Fox News Washington DC,
Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at the Smith Farm Center, Edison Place
Gallery, L’Eclat de Verr Gallery, Sandy Springs Museum, Art Expo Las Vegas
and 7 Women from 7 Countries exhibition, Doral, Florida. Desiree’s works
have also been on loan in Port Louis, Mauritius Embassy through the United
States Arts in Embassy Program. Along with works held in several private
collections, Desiree’s talents are commissioned, including illustrated
children’s books Splash Puddle Splash and Are You Listening Potbelly?
written by Ellen S Cromwell.

TALASI.A Story of Tenderness and Love by Ellen S. Cromwell, publisher Halo
Publishing, Int., ISBN: 978-1-61244-420-8; Price: $12.99