Newly Published “Who Goes There” First in the Granny Gray Stories

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Author LR Gray Pens Delightful Children’s Story Filled with Love and Laughter

Remember a time when children would sit at the feet of their elders listening to imagined adventures? “Who Goes There,” the first in a series of children’s stories, tells the tale of Uncle Brother and the wild events that happen the night his truck breaks down. Is it his imagination or is it real?

“Time just goes so fast and I wanted to capture the fun stories and adventures told to me during my childhood,” said LR Gray, author and narrator of the Granny Gray series. “I have also fictionalized some of the events of my own children and grandchildren, turning them into creative and fun stories that will spark the imagination of children and their parents.”

The Granny Gray series of stories depict fictionalized family events, memories and creative “what if” scenarios designed to help children think more creatively. Each story, starting with “Who Goes There,” offers readers fun adventures that also share a message of being helpful, making a difference and being a good person.

“I wanted the stories to bring readers back to a time when children learned life lessons from their elders, where family members respected each other and sought out their advice and counsel,” said Gray. “In “Who Goes There,” I also wanted to pay tribute to my Uncle Jimmy “Bro” Baker who is an amazing human being. He is constantly looking for ways to help others and this first story from Granny Gray shows his generosity of spirit.”

“Who Goes There,” is being launched at a book release event dedicated to Brother Baker and will be held at his church, The New Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church on August 28, 2016. LR Gray will be on hand selling copies of her book and a significant portion of each sale will be donated to the church in Brother Baker’s name. The book launch is part of the church’s annual Family Reunion event and Ms. Gray will make a presentation at both services.

LR Gray’s new book “Who Goes There,” is a wonderful addition to our collection of children’s books. Each of her stories capture a simpler time where elders in the family, in this case Granny Gray, inspire the young to do good and to make a difference in their world. I am so excited to see the next in her series, Pillar and His Discoveries in the Rain Forest, due out early 2017.

Order your copy from Amazon in paperback for just $12.95: Who Goes There, LR Gray.

About LR Gray

LR Gray is a loving grandmother and mother with a passion for preserving the stories of a simpler time where families came first.. L R Gray grew up in a large family, with lots of siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and a godmother.. L R Gray loved the stories her family would share and the many others she would read in her spare time. From this she began to slip off to the wonderful world of imagination, which is where her writing began.