Newly Released “Dagah: The Great Fish” is a Whale of a Tale!

We are familiar with the story of Jonah, a Bible story of epic proportions told of a man who is swallowed whole by a whale. But have we ever considered the story from the whale’s point of view? “Dagah: The Great Fish” is just that, the tale of a great whale who was called upon by God to participate in a mission far greater than he could have imagined.

“When my friend Inky asked the question – what did the whale think – it inspired me to create a colorful children’s book that would explore the relationship the fish had with God and how he came to swallow Jonah,” said author Victoria McCarty. “The question was asked jokingly but Inky really helped me delve into the story further and imagine what it would be like to be asked to do something far outside our comfort zone. “Dagah: The Great Fish” explores that experience. How do we respond when we are asked to do something we are sure we cannot.

In the story “Dagah: The Great Fish”, the main character is swimming along happily when he hears a voice that asks him to leave the comforts of home, food, and shelter and travel into the cold, dark waters of the unknown. Through a strong faith and trust in God, Dagah travels into a variety of interesting places and plays a major role in the story of Jonah, a simple man that God is also used for far greater good.

“Dagah: The Great Fish”  is Victoria’s own experience in being asked to do something out of the norm. Prior to this story, Victoria has enjoyed writing but it was a very private endeavor. However, with “Dagah: The Great Fish” she felt called upon to create a story of faith and share it with the world.

“My hope is that “Dagah: The Great Fish” will resonate with young readers,” said McCarty. “Children have all experienced times when teachers, parents and other adults in their life have asked them to do something they felt was too difficult. Hopefully “Dagah: The Great Fish” will teach them that through faith and trust in God, who is always at their side offering support and comfort, they can accomplish great things.”

Not only is this a wonderful children’s story, but it is also a tale that will inspire parents to seek out more information about Jonah and other stories in the Bible that focus on God’s love and the importance of trusting in Him.

Victoria’s story is accompanied by the beautiful art of her sister, Sarah Holtsberg, who is currently attending college. Her drawings bring the story of Dagah to life.

“Dagah: The Great Fish”  is available through Halo Publishing as well as Amazon.


About Victoria McCarty

Victoria McCarty is an art teacher, writer and active participant in children’s ministry in rural Carroll County, Maryland. She resides with her husband, dog, and cat focusing on church activities and creating studio artwork. Sharing God’s word in creative ways is one of Victoria’s passions. “Dagah: The Great Fish” is her first published work.