Partnership with Non-Profits Offer a Win-Win Opportunity


milo green wagonIn the past I have talked about the tactic of giving away your book for the benefit of added awareness and exposure, but today I want to talk about how your book donations can actually benefit others.

Giving back to others has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As a child, my brother David and I would pull a little wagon through the neighborhood collecting canned goods and other non-perishable goods to donate to our church’s hunger initiative.

That wonderful memory was the inspiration for one of my Milo children’s books, Milo and the Green Wagon. The children’s story teaches children about generosity, selflessness, love and respect for all people.

Part of the promotion for the launch of my self-published book was a partnership with a local food bank, St. Augustine’s Hunger Center.


I worked with Sister Corita Ambro from the Hunger Center to organize a food drive in the community.

As part of the process, I also partnered with a local truck company who offered to provide and upgraded “green wagon” for the collection of food.

I put the word out and managed to attract local news that filmed the event and interviewed both myself and Sister Ambro.

I donated a portion of the sale of each book to the center as well as the food collected and also provided copies of the book to the children of St Augustine.

There were amazing benefits all around!

How Can You Partner with a Non-Profit to Promote Your Book?

If there is a charity, cause or organization that you are passionate about, why not look for ways to partner with them and together find a way to bring awareness to their cause as well as bring exposure to your work.

Local news outlets are often looking for local interest stories and a quick press release followed by a few phone calls and emails may help bring a larger awareness to your efforts.

Start by looking into the local papers, television, cable and radio stations for possible coverage. Stress the importance of the non-profit organization and the good they bring to the community.

Sister Ambro was able to talk about the fact that they provide 250 meals to local families in need each day! We not only raised awareness, we also gathered a ton of food and additional donations to St. Augustine’s. Check out the article that was written about the event: Author issues a call to ACT in the fight against hunger

Additionally, we took a lot of pictures that day and used them to talk about the event on the Internet and we also created a really neat video that was set to music and posted on YouTube.


The subject of your books will be a guiding force for the direction of your non-profit partnership but also check with your local schools, Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts of America, churches and libraries for suggestions of how you might connect your passion and your books to a local charity.

If you have written non-fiction books of a business, financial or wellness theme, look for ways to connect your book with a way to make a difference. For example, you might partner with a local job fair. You don’t have to start an event from scratch like I did; you can join an already established non-profit event and offer to give a portion of your sales during the event to the charities benefiting from the event.

Bottom Line: Promoting your self-published book doesn’t have to be just for retail sales; it can also be a tool that allows you to connect on a personal level within your community and make a difference for those in need. What charity are you passionate about? How might you connect your books with an organization to help make a difference?