Promoting Your Self Published Book with Bloggers

19547595_sWord of mouth advertising has been proven to be the most effective way to encourage consumers to buy or try new products or services. Since the evolution of Facebook and other social media methods, that word of mouth concept has gone viral.

Pretty much anything you want to buy, you can find it on the web and also find someone who has an opinion about it.

So why not use this powerful method of information sharing to promote your book?

Blogging is still the number one way of promoting a business so why not use that process to promote your book. Hopefully you have started a blog, but if not, there are hundreds of people blogenre listinggging about books on the Internet. It is time to do a little sleuthing and find the bloggers writing about your genre.

It isn’t as hard as it sounds. There are already directories available on line that bloggers have connected with to make it easier. A perfect example is The Book Blogger List.

Bloggers sign up to be listed by genre. As an author, simply chose an author that is interested in reading books that are similar to what you have written.

Make sure you only connect with bloggers interested in your genre. Click on the link and you’ll find a listing of the bloggers with a link to their website.

Follow the instructions for connecting with them. Many will have a variety of questions they’ll want you to answer such as providing:

  • The title of your book
  • Image of your cover
  • Brief synopsis
  • Excerpt
  • Bio of the author

Remember that you are building relationships with people who can help spread the word about your book. Take the time to review their website and the articles they have written about other books. Personalize your email request to them.

Another directory of Book bloggers is Book Blogging. Here you can connect with bloggers but in some cases you can also write your own article and submit it for publication.  This site also has interesting ways to connect with other writers. It is worth a visit.

The more bloggers you connect with the wider reach your book will have. The Indie Book Reviewer List is another site however, be prepared to have to dig a little. The site isn’t organized very

Online College put together a listing in 2009 of the top 100 book bloggers and it is worth a read. The reason they made the list is, in part, because of the size of their audience. Keep in mind a lot has happened on the web in the last seven years so not all of these blogs are still active, but it is worth a try.

To help in the process, make sure you use your computer search function. For example, when you are visiting a page like the Top 100 Book Bloggers, hit the control and F button on your keyboard. Then in the search box at the top of the page type in your genre.

You can see in the pictured example that I conducted a search for science fiction and found five mentions of the phrase. Now I can easily scan down the page for the bloggers interested in science fiction.

Bottom Line: Promoting your self-published book takes time and effort however the end result is more readers and more sales.  Starting with bloggers who are already writing reviews about books is a great way to connect with new readers.