Repurposing Your Content to Help Promote Your Book

33564409_sOne of the keys to success in promoting your book is to have information about you and your book in a variety of places. An easy way to do that without spending a lot of time is by taking content you have already written and using it in a variety of ways.

The same way Good Housekeeping and Reader’s Digest magazines offer book excerpts; you can take excerpts of your book, your articles, and your press releases and use them on your website, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

A great example of how this technique is used to drive sales is by providing a free sample of the first book in your series. Readers have the opportunity to become attached to the characters and quickly buy the next books in the series.

However, you can even use a single blog post in a variety of ways. From the book How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Press Releases, Newsletters and Articles, the author walks through an example of how to take a single idea and turn it into a number of different marketing tools.

From the book, the following example is for a how-to cleaning guide and the topic is Spring Cleaning. Follow the chart to see how that single idea can be sliced and diced for all of your social media platforms. 

Topic:  Spring Cleaning Your Home
Press Release 3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home
Newsletter Main Article: Benefits of spring cleaning your home

Side bar article: Opening sentences for the press release with a link to the press release

Call to action: Give us a call – we can do the cleaning for you

Blog Post Tip one for spring cleaning your home: Have a plan. Include strategies, tips and ways to include the children in the process. Give examples and perhaps a chore chart to measure success.
Blog Post Tip two for spring cleaning your home: Tackle one room at a time, offer a check list for each room of things that you can be cleaning.
Blog Post Tip three for spring cleaning your home: have the right tools at hand, offer a listing of the best home remedies, cleaning tools, etc. for making the process easier.
Twitter ·         Include your kids in the plan for #springcleaning your home this month. (link to your blog article)

·         Here are 3 tips for #springcleaning your home (link to the press release)

Facebook ·         Do you have a plan for spring cleaning this year?

·         What is your best tip for spring cleaning – share it here

·         What is the most difficult room to tackle when you are spring cleaning?

Blog Post Take the responses from your Facebook business page to create another article
LinkedIn ·         The Almanac calls for higher than normal pollen levels this year. See how spring cleaning reduces risks. (link to newsletter)


Google+ We offered three tips for spring cleaning, but here are some additional ones that customers have suggested. (Link to blog post)
Pinterest Create an infographic with the three tips.

Take pictures of the cleaning supplies and tools and link back to website


YouTube Create a 90 second video for each of the tips and upload to your YouTube channel and link back to the website.

Do you deliver presentations or give speeches? If so you may have taken the time to create a written script or at the very least written notes. Use these note to create a series of articles, blog posts and social media comments.

Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things. Byron Dorgan

If you didn’t write out your speech but have a recording, consider using someone from or to transcribe your presentation into a Word document that you can use to promote your name and expertise. In fact, you can use your presentations to create an e-book.

Speaking of e-books, if you have been faithfully blogging for a while, you can turn your blog posts into a e-book. Copyblogger has written a great article about turning your website/blog content into a book. Check out his article, 3 Ways to Turn Your Website Archive into Profitable Books and E-books.

Promoting your self-published book doesn’t mean continually coming up with new and different things to say. Remember that the shelf life of a social media posting is very limited. Feel free to repeat something you posted last month with a few word changes. A tweet you share is only good for EIGHT SECONDS. If your community isn’t on Twitter during those eight seconds, it is safe to say they missed what you posted, so why not post it again tonight or tomorrow or next week.

Bottom Line: Marketing and branding required continual effort and focus but not necessarily all new words. Think creatively about how you can repurpose content you have already created to help build brand awareness and drive traffic to buy your book.