Rob Sorensen Captures Intrigue in Pristine Wilderness of Northwest Montana

Sometimes the most beautiful places on earth hold the darkest secrets.

“In 1998 we bought a place in the Yaak River Valley that had been a saloon for 26 years called the Hell Roaring Saloon,” says former sports writer and entrepreneur Rob Sorensen, who has loved the area ever since. “I think I am the only yuppy that actually owned a bar in the most remote part of Montana, and it was startling to our friends and the community here, in Port Angeles, Washington when we chose to purchase a saloon.”

Located in northwest Montana, the remote Yaak River Valley is a pristine wilderness far apart from the modern world. For decades it has attracted free spirits seeking a simpler lifestyle. But the valley is also a haven for a darker lot, who wish to disappear from mainstream society.

Captivated by the beauty and mystique of the area, Sorensen decided to make it the setting for his debut novel, “Arrow in Paradise.” The stark juxtaposition between beauty and darker forces sets the tone for the story.

The Yaak Valley is a beautiful backdrop to the timely story that Sorensen weaves, as his protagonist Clayton Cooper becomes embroiled in a controversial sexual misconduct scandal, ultimately leaving his community in coastal Oregon for the remote wilderness area in Montana.

As a seller of first edition books, Sorensen knows his way around a good story. “I wanted to keep people engaged and entertained from the beginning of the story to the end,” Sorensen explains.

Publisher Lisa M. Umina agrees that Sorensen has accomplished just that. “Sorensen is tackling the difficult topic of sexual misconduct by giving a face to the individuals who are fairly or unfairly involved and affected. He reminds us that things are not always as they seem and that we cannot jump to a conclusion too quickly.”

“I’ve spent my life reading,” Sorensen comments. “I decided to write a book that would tell a great story and that people would be able to relate to, with a cast of colorful characters and a strong sense of place.”

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