There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be an Author

2017 was an important year for self-publishing, when, for the first time ever, self- and indie-published books surpassed the market share of big publishers, with 42% of the market, as compared to 34% held by big publishers. In 2018, experts predict that the number of self-published books will increase, which is an indicator of the success and popularity of this option.

The barriers to publishing have been slowly but surely lowering, and it is becoming clear that readers care more about having a good story in their hands than about the name brand on the front cover. Perceptions around self-publishing are also shifting, as it has proven to be a viable and professional option for authors, granting them more creative control and quicker turnaround times than traditional publishing.

Authors now have the option to earn higher royalties from their intellectual property, maintaining 100% rights to the book. In fact, writing a book can be a brilliant business move for people working in various fields (doctors, journalists, life-coaches, personal trainers, just to name a few examples)—it helps establish you as an expert in your career path, and it can set you apart as a candidate for speaking engagements. Beyond being a professional tool, becoming an author is also a platform for those who have gone through an exceptional personal experience. These types of stories resonate with readers, and they are often successful for this very reason.

Print is not dead. In fact, according to Fortune magazine, millennials are putting 80% of their book-buying budget into print copies of books. Plus, according to Forbes, millennials are even reading more than older generations.

Moreover, now more than ever before, authors can equip themselves with low-cost, effective tools to market their own book. With social media websites, any author can design a free author page, having control over the type of advertising they choose to run, and connecting with like-minded individuals at the click of a button.

The bottom line is: if you have a story you’ve been waiting to share with the world, there has never been a better time to become an author.