“You are valued”—Allison C. Hefner Imparts Essential Message

“With so many children hooked on technology, books are important now more than ever before,” says author Allison C. Hefner.


Research from the University of California, Berkley agrees: children’s books expose children to 50% more vocabulary than primetime TV, but children today are spending more time using different forms of technology—from cell phones to video games and television.


Hefner herself was drawn to literature from a young age. She began writing her own short stories as a child and went on to study broadcast journalism at Syracuse University before pursuing a career in media in New York City. Now based in Colorado, she has translated her journalism skills to a career in PR.


Hefner writes for a living, but she credits the inspiration to pen her first-ever children’s book to her two sons, Michael and Ethan. Her sons were involved in the entire publishing process.


“Getting kids excited about reading at a young age is critical,” Hefner explains. “I wanted to foster that love of literature by thoroughly engaging my sons in the entire publishing process. And I was impressed to see them get as excited as I was.”


Her new book “Oh Where, Oh Where, Can The Letter Z Be?” has an important message for readers of all ages. Tired of coming in last, the letter Z has disappeared.


Hefner adds, “It doesn’t matter if you are 5, 15, 25, or 40 years old. Everyone has had the experience of being left out. This message is universal: everyone needs to feel that they have a place in this world. You are valued regardless of your race, gender, or age.”


According to Publisher Lisa M. Umina, “This is an essential addition to children’s literature. Hefner should be commended for her ability to capture and share this essential message, helping children of any age learn about their unique place in the world.”


Hefner’s goal is to help individuals understand their self-worth regardless of age. Her message to readers is one that children and adults alike need to hear: “You are worthy. You are valued.”


For more information about Allison C. Hefner visit www.halopublishing.com. “Oh Where, Oh Where, Can The Letter Z Be?” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million in Hardcover, Paperback, and as an e-Book.