Christine Willson

Christine Willson was born in London, England where her mother, a retired registered nurse, and siblings reside. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Chapman University in Orange, California. Christine enjoys spending time with her two beautiful daughters in San Diego and holidays in London with family.

Her friends call her loyal and reliable with an infectious smile. Her life’s journey has taught her to be selective about the company she keeps and her choice of lovers. She went against all odds when family and friends did not think her then-boyfriend was a compatible lover. Hailed from two very different upbringings and sets of values, Christine broke the stereotype, and love brought them together in marriage. She is now sharing The Screen Saver because she did not listen to her intuition; the truth was covered by a “screen saver.” There were many signs of the relationship not being right, but she was willing to make it work instead of being a quitter. She hopes that readers can imagine what it feels like to be walking through the journey of her marriage and learn from her experiences.

At what price are you willing to let your marriage go? When both hearts are in union, there’s beauty in the sanctity of marriage. Real power lies in sharing life’s experiences and being vulnerable. I am sharing my pain and fear in such a way that you will recognize the meaning of your life and create a positive vision for your own journey. Does the marriage vow “for better or for worse” include theft, fraud, or cheating? What is your understanding of “for better or for worse”?