Don Litton

At the early age of nine, I felt a "calling" to the gospel ministry of Christ. After graduating high school in Alexandria, Louisiana, I obtained four degrees, Bachelor Degree in Theology, B.S. degree in English, M. Ed. in Education Leadership and an Ed. D. in Education Leadership. I taught English classes in public schools and parochial schools and was also principal of public high schools and parochial schools. During this time, I pastored many churches, and would later go into full-time ministry and travel internationally in the service of the Lord. At the age of 19, I experienced my first encounter with an angel who entered my dormitory room at college in the year 1965. From that first experience, I have had many encounters and have captured a few photos of them in church services with me (to include when I was praying for the sick in my meetings). After an extensive background of personal study and experience, this book is written to teach and explain about one of God's earliest creations, the angel. We are never to worship these beings but to see them in the light of ministering spirits as the Bible has proclaimed.