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After sharing practical tips with dozens of networkers and organizers, Dagan wrote this book to share his twenty years of experience in one quick read!

Since graduating with a degree in biology, Dagan spent a decade promoting global alcohol brands, networking in events at bars, restaurants, concerts, and other venues. Later, Dagan networked in the Downtown Austin tech scene, appeared on local media outlets, pitched on the SXSW stage, and made it to the final round to appear on the television show Shark Tank.

Dagan, a native of Austin, Texas, still lives there with his wife and two young boys…and is on the streets, networking, to this day.


Play the Room:
The Short Guide to Networking

Saving you hundreds of hours and preventing the loss of untold business opportunities, Play the Room will teach you how to make network meetings work for you. You will learn about improving your communication skills and public speaking by making yourself memorable and creating a dynamic pitch.

Whether you are a quiet introvert, an extrovert, a rookie, or a longtime networker, the tactics in Play the Room help develop authentic connections. You will learn to develop your customer avatar, ascertain your ideal referral partner, adopt an approach of intentionality, and understand your fellow networkers from the perspective of psychology, demographics, and occupations.

As a small-business owner or professional Play the Room also gives you vital tips for improving presentations of various types, which can help you achieve greater ROIs in the networking world. You will feel more prepared and confident with this book in your business arsenal.