Elizabeth Alfheim<p>Award-Winning Teacher

Elizabeth grew up in a rural farming area of Central California surrounded by a variety of animals and endless opportunities for imaginative play. She and her siblings were rarely bored. After receiving her master’s degree in cross-cultural education and language curriculum, Elizabeth utilized her multiple subject credential to teach junior high school language, literature, and history. During her twenty-plus year career, she served as master teacher/mentor for new educators and offered presentations on classroom management skills to local university students. She received multiple awards within her school district during her career. Most notably, in 2011, Elizabeth was chosen Educator of the Year, Region 7, California League of Middle Schools. Since retiring, she spends more time with her grandson, Beckham. Together, they read many children’s books, practice number and letter recognition, listen to children’s music, and play games. As Elizabeth and three-year-old Beckham play, daily stories unfold creatively through his interpretation of their fun activities. Sometimes laughing out loud and other times just staring in amazement, Elizabeth was driven to start penning what Beckham would act out or invent into stories that other children would love to hear. She believes that the use of imagination is key to a child’s development. Her stories are written with the intent to spur children to actively use their imagination and increase vocabulary. In reading to their children, parents and guardians can use Beckham’s adventures to join with their children in the learning process. Beckham’s adventures give teachers the opportunity to use the book series to teach and model word scheme and rhyming, word roots and usage, and English language development. The series, The Adventures of Beckham Grey depicts the creativity of a child as well as the wonder of exploring the world around us. Children who read Elizabeth’s books will love the stories and benefit through the stretching of their own imagination, as they consider being like Beckham Grey. Imagination is priceless.