G.P. Rosa

G. P. Rosa is a person of many traits and talents for being a high school dropout from Robstown, Texas. He received his GED at seventeen. At eighteen, he studied automotives at Del Mar Community College in Corpus Christi, Texas. Rosa started working and making adult decisions at a very early age. Rosa has worked as a carpenter, a construction worker (roofer, insulator, window painter, etc.), a cook, a caregiver, a mechanic, a security guard, and recently a member of the Rockport Texas Volunteer Fire Department. Through all of life's trauma and changes, Rosa has always been a writer, a storyteller, and a creator. For as long as he can remember, Rosa has always had a passion for creating and writing to escape this harsh thing we call reality. Rosa found a safe haven in his imagination by creating characters and different worlds. In life we can come across great people if we allow ourselves to open up just enough. Fortunately, a wonderful friend convinced Rosa to share his imagination and his creations with all of you. So this is Rosa's way of bringing his universe to life. Rosa's wish is for all to enjoy his stories and tales. Rosa's goal is for readers to connect with a character and to resonate with whomever they are comfortable with in hopes that they can find reason and peace as Rosa did growing up.Thank You.