Ivonne Alexander

Ivonne Alexander, also known as Swami Amenai or Ivonne Delaflor (her maiden name) is the founder and president of Delaflor Teachings International, founder of Mastery Life A.C. and co-founder of the Higher School for Conscious Evolution. She is the author of Stop Wasting Your Time & Start Doing What Matters Most! A wake-Up Call for True Leadership, The Positive Child through the Language of Love, Mastering Life, Sacred Messages for the Parents of the World, Divine Mother, India: The Journey of a Lifetime, Invitation to Love, Divine Father, Unplug Your Mind, the Holistic Animal Welfare Program and others. Ivonne has published several articles for Tibetan women’s magazines, Integral Life and several E-zine articles on leadership, synergy and the importance of self-actualization.

At the age of 17 she had a near-death experience, where she was death for some seconds and where she almost lost her right arm and left leg. This experience brought her to connect with higher realms, a deeper connection with God and develop extra sensorial perceptions, which she now uses to support others heal, transmute, and transcend their lives into higher levels of actualization, responsibility and love. She is a certified Total Awareness Coach and certified Parent Talk trainer and has studied Sacred Shamanic Rebirth, Body Language, Constellation Therapy, Breath Therapy, and is a Reiki Master. She has done more than 500 hours of personal work at BEBA, a non-profit organization that supports healthy bonding and attachment for infants and their parents and is a graduate of The School for The Work with Byron Katie, and the Futuring School with Stefan Hermann. She is also a graduate of the Platinum Mentoring Coaching with Brian Tracy, has a career in Fitness and Nutrition , is a certified RAW Nutritionist from the School of David Wolfe, and has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a specialty on Leadership and Human Values.

Ivonne is the creator of The Codes of AH©, sacred geometrical mandalas that have been said to support the healing of many ailments and enhance meditation and self-healing skills for all who use them.

Ivonne has been initiated into Babaji's ancient Kriya Yoga tradition and received initiations (shaktipat) directly from Babaji, whom she met one-on-one in Rishikesh, India, in the year 2003. She was also initiated as Swami Amenanda, lovingly called by students and friends Amenai, receiving her name by direct request of Babaji Nagaraj. She is an initiate of the Maitri Violet-Silver Chord Order.

In 2006, she created the Transcendental Rebirthing System, supporting ecstatic rebirth of the whole being into brilliancy and re-patterning awareness, healing old traumas and reorganizing ancestral legacies.

She offers free webinars, live workshops and the ten-day Intensive Certification Program of Transcendental Rebirthing offered once a year. She offers private sessions and through her Diamond Mentorship Program supports many women to set their mission in motion and live a life of brilliance. She also creates personalized sacred Codes of AH© and offers a monthly live free gathering of teachings in her own home. She is the Spiritual Dean of the Ascended Masters Teaching Academy, where she teaches others to master and read the intelligent field space, and where she guides others through practical steps to connect with the Ascended Masters to awaken the Ascended master within.

She is a supporter of raising awareness about healthy food choices, Earth reconnection, and family harmony, and educates people on these very important issues in humanity. She is the owner and designer of The Conscious T-shirt, which sells eco friendly organic clothing. The profits are donated to the research and eradication of eating disorders and autism.

Ivonne’s mission is to empower, teach, motivate, guide and share ancient wisdom translated into easy modern ways that anyone can use for their own self-realization and betterment of their lives, their families, their communities and contribution to the world; here in Ivonne finds her passion for living. Her book The Rawsurrection and unique leadership program; "The Restoration of Human Values" will be available in 2014. Ivonne currently shares her time between Cancun, Las Vegas and traveling all around the world. She lives with her family of three kids and her beloved husband, Toby Alexander, who all are her priorities in life.