Keaton Lane

Through working a full-time job and wheeling and dealing in cars, trucks, and motorcycles-
Hold on...
This isn't right.
Hi, my name is Keaton, and I have just one question for you: WHY ARE YOU READING THIS PART?
I mean, for fuck's sake, really? I think that this section of the book is not necessary. So, go on...go read this awesome book!
Oh, and here is a little something from the normal side of my brain. (Due to my unpopular opinion about this section, my wife has told me to be nice and to leave it in.) I have finally submitted to myself and to my wife, and am sending this in for judgment to see if I can and will do this (writing) full time.
I appreciate, in advance, your criticism and thoughts on the work I am allowing you to read. Anything helps, so don't be light on any of it. This is my first time letting someone whom I don't know look at the stories I write and letting people inside my mind.
I thank you, regardless of your decision and comments. I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart...
Sincerely, Keaton