Lisa M. Umina,
Award-Winning Author

In 2002, Lisa Michelle Umina launched HALO Publishing International, a decision fueled with her passion to publish voices of authors around the world. She recently opened the imprint Hola Publishing in Mexico. Prior to beginning HALO, Lisa enjoyed amazing careers with the Wall Street Journal and as a development director for a nonprofit organization in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. Learning of two tumors on her vocal chords, doctors cautioned she could lose her voice, but while recovering after surgery, she birthed a compelling story that later became Milo Finds His Best Friend. During the following months, Lisa created The Milo and Lisa Show. Recovering her primary voice and developing eleven others, she added sound effects, teaching children to talk to God. Her third book Milo and the Green Wagon won the national Christian Indie Publishing Award. Lisa traveled and performed with Milo and as a motivational speaker all over the world. Writing led to her full-time career as an international publisher. When Lisa helps an author bring a book to life, she counts it an honor.