Peter D. Cimini

Peter D. Cimini received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from New York University in 1954. He taught in New York public schools for six years. In l960, he was offered a teaching position in the Clarkstown, New York public schools. In his third year there he was named by the local Kiwanis organization Teacher of the Year. Then in l970 he was recruited by the Newington, Connecticut Board of Education to become a curriculum coordinator.

As a curriculum coordinator for twenty-five years in Newington, Connecticut, he found that writing curriculum was his most gratifying task. During this period in Newington, Peter published twelve articles in professional journals as well as writing articles for the Hartford Courant.

He retired from his coordinator position in l996 and began to write his first novel, “The Secret Sin of Opi,” on the topic of missing and exploited children, which was published in 2010 and is still available on Amazon.

In 2017, he began writing his second novel, “The Man Who Transformed Africa,” published in 2020.