Sylvia Dokter

Sylvia Dokter is an active lover of life, vital lifestyle consultant, teacher, author, intuitive healer and an animal therapist. She is the founder of the Whole Beingness Center.

She is the creator of the Me, Nó Pause lifestyle for women approaching and beyond 50. A lifestyle in which the women recognize that they are living the best stage of their life.

Sylvia works mainly with tools from the quantum physics domain, which enable permanent transformation and transmutation of energy patterns in our mental, spiritual and physical bodies. Besides mental and spiritual studies she also has a fascination for the central nervous system in relation to restore inner balance through energetic bodywork, which led her to create a unique technique based on cranio-sacral principles combined with a spinal release technique.

Her love for and skills to communicate with animals led her to study Ethology, animal massage and acupressure, and to become an animal therapist.

From childhood, Sylvia has been doing voluntary work in animal shelters and as an adult, she contributed to offer health support to animals in shelters and Zoos. As a Bach Flower remedies practitioner and trainer, she created an intensive two day Bach Flower Remedies for Animals training.