“The entire Halo Publishing International team literally walked me through the publishing process. What a wonderful and professional experience. I had other publishing houses including a traditional publisher waiting to sign me, but I decided to put my trust in Halo. I am enjoying great success with my new memoir, “A Dirt Road to Somewhere”. Thank you Halo!”

-Romona Robinson

“In 2015 I needed a quality publisher that would help me publish a financial investment book that I had written as part of the requirements of a Ph.D. program in Business Administration.

This book essentially was the product of my dissertation research, which I felt
was a worthwhile project to teach investors how to consistently generate a safe
and abundant passive income stream under all market conditions.

Following a considerable amount of time searching for a publisher,
I met Lisa Umina, the publisher of Halo Publishing International.
After my initial consultation with Lisa, I knew I had found my publisher.

Lisa is a special person who makes one feel you are her only client. She’s professional, caring, nurturing, and, most importantly, she makes you feel that you are part of a family.

The product that Lisa and her team produce is of high quality. The service that she
provides her clients is effective and efficient. I have always felt at home with Halo.

Finally, the best testament I can provide the readers of this review is that the
book Halo Publishing help develop and subsequently published has gone on
to win 18 book awards to date. Trust me when I say you’re in good hands with
Publisher and Award-Wining author Lisa Umina and Halo Publishing International.”

-Gustavo Gomez

“With countless outlets and avenues for creative minds today, there are just as
many uncertainties about which one to choose. I am so incredibly happy that
I had the chance to talk to Lisa about publishing when I did.

From our very first conversation, I could feel Lisa’s palpable excitement about all
things book related. She and her team stayed with me every step of the way during editing, cover design, pre-publication proofs, book pricing, and finally publishing. After my novel
had been released, their attention and focus stayed with me as they continued to order books for me, check-in and talk about ways to make marketing the book a success,
what was next for me, and how they could help me now, and in the future.

I highly recommend Lisa and her team, and look forward to
continuing our journey together as author and publisher.”

-Todd W. Hiller

“Halo Publishing is more than a company, it is a partnership. In the time that I have
been affiliated with them, I have gotten to know them and grow with them. They have
helped me through the ups and downs of publishing and really guided me to where
I am now: a children’s book author and illustrator. Lisa is a very caring owner, and I use
the term owner loosely. She is really more of a teammate helping in any way she can to
get you to your goal. For me, that was about getting my book out there for kids to enjoy!
I could not have imagined a better partner in this journey. Thank you to Halo for all
that you have done and I look forward to seeing how far we can go!”

-Donald Lloyd Jr.

“In the midst of what was a very rocky professional football career, I struggled with transitioning away from the game. I’d always wanted to be a children’s author and/or illustrator, but I often put it off for a later date to focus on being the best player I could be. Very unexpectedly, I’d made a decision to hang up my cleats in 2018 after playing between NFL and CFL. The minute I turned down an opportunity to play in Canada, I took a leap of faith to start my journey as an author. I’d submitted to several publishing companies, all of which had accepted my projects (that’s rare), but something spoke to me about Lisa and MaryBeth that I couldn’t channel elsewhere with these other companies. I had to be honest with them about where I was financially and they made it a point to work with me through the highs and lows. I never asked them for a discount, and often times I came outta pocket when I didn’t have it to give, but it was all worth the hassle. Because of Lisa, I started a journey that has brung me far more gratitude than the game of football could’ve done. I can honestly say that I’ve earned my stripes with Halo and I will never tale that for granted. As a bestselling author, I live to inspire the youth far beyond what I did as an athlete. They’ve been beyond patient with me and I can never repay them for the kindness they’ve shown to me, but one thing’s for sure…I will continue to put out the BEST works in children’s literacy over time
and god-willing, it will continue to be with Halo Publishing. It’s amazing how close you
can grow to people you’ve never physically met before…Lisa’s become like family to
me since I joined Halo. Thank you for everything!

Here’s to the less than 10% of Black Children’s Authors… #BlackExcellence”

-Jordan C. Sullen

“…For years, I harbored a dream of publishing a memoir that I wrote about an uncle, Vincent “Saint” Santaniello, who was killed in Vietnam on March 28, 1968 while serving as a U.S. Marine. The book, “A Saint’s Letters from the Depths of Hell,” was based on dozens of letters that Saint wrote to his older sister, Lilly, who would give birth to me sixteen months after Vincent’s death. The book also was based on many accounts that Santaniello’s brother Marines courageously shared with me. I knew in my heart that the story was one that would resonate with many; all I needed was a publishing company to believe in me and in my creation. That’s where Halo Publishing International came in.  

Halo is a perfect outlet for independent authors. It is so much more than simply a self-publishing company. They explain every single step of the publishing process and are there for you every step of the way, responding immediately to any questions that may arise. Halo Publishing International acknowledged me as a member of the team, and that personal touch made the entire process quite rewarding. 
Of course, in addition to sterling costumer service and client relations, Halo produces a truly amazing opportunity for authors to market their creations. As a new author, I greatly appreciated the constant feedback, support, and assistance to generate the attention and buzz that my book deserved. And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, Halo created amazing artwork to feature my book, as well as a thrilling one minute-long book trailer that took my breath away! Lastly, the quality of the book cover art and fonts are absolutely superb. The Halo team created the book cover art, yet my input, suggestions, and vision were respected and incorporated into the final product. Halo even made me custom business cards and bookmarks to market my creation! Let me tell you: the feeling of holding my book in my hands was sublime. 
Halo is ultra-professional with a uniquely personal touch. I am exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to work with Halo in making my dream a reality! If you have the desire to share your creation with the world, and you are looking for a professional publisher that will believe in you and work together with you in maximizing your book’s potential, then Halo Publishing International is there to make that dream a resoundingly successful reality!”

-Ralph Vincent Morales

“I recently had the privilege of working with Lisa and her wonderful team over at Halo Publishing international. From the very beginning Lisa, the founder, and publisher of
Halo has been very supportive and encouraging. She does not sugar coat when it comes
to providing honest feedback, which is something that I love very much. Her vision to support aspired writers to accomplish their dream leads her passion to one’s success.
At least this has been true in my experience. She may not approve every single book that comes along; however, she does accept non solicited writers. Lisa or her assistant had an answer to every question with no hesitation and they followed up with me on every task along the way to make sure that the process is not only in excellence but also remains on schedule. I wish to thank Lisa and the entire Halo publishing international team for their wonderful opportunity. It has been an honor to learn from you. Thanks to your curiosity, knowledge, and support – my first children’s book is now officially published.”

-Helen Millman

“I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with on my first book. They were
so professional and efficient, a complete joy. Their enthusiasm and work ethic are unmatched. My book, “Marigold and the Snoring King”, receives multiple compliments
on what a professional and beautiful book it is. It’s all because of the fine job they
do at Halo Publishing International. I can’t wait to work with them again.”

-J.D. Rempel

“I wasn’t happy with my first publisher and started researching for a new one
for my second book. I wanted and needed one that was professional on all levels; communication, production, price, etc. I found all that and more with Halo Publishing!!!
I’m happy to say Halo Publishing will release my third book in 2021 and I’m thrilled!!

I also decided to re-release my first book in 2019 as a second
edition through Halo Publishing and so happy I did!

I would definitely recommend Halo Publishing to all levels of authors,
new and seasoned!”

-Paulette C. Jackson

“Halo Publishing helped me through every step of the process. The Halo team was encouraging and patient. I recommend them as a partner in bringing your book idea to life.”

-Valerie Jerome

“Everyone from Halo Publishing International has been so kind and wonderful.
They have always been quick to respond to and answer any question I have
had and the team has done beautiful work with my book! I could not be happier
about the process and the end results. And my book became available for
sale much earlier than we’d anticipated, which was a nice surprise!”

-Emily Stalder Johnson

“I don’t think my journey into the author arena would have been nearly as swift
or strong without the guidance of Halo Publishing. They go above and beyond
to help their authors become successful! I highly recommend HPI to anyone
looking to get a book out to the universe.”

-Patti Brassard Jefferson

“I want to truly thank Halo Publishing for bringing the special project from
The Lord to honor my Son, Michael J. Ayers legacy to life and to keep it alive. The book
is titled After the Mighty Storm, I’m Still Standing. The Halo Publishing staff are truly professionals. I was pleased with the outcome of my 1st published book. Other Christian publishers tried to get in touch with me, but the Lord told me to choose Halo Publishing International. I am glad that I did. I highly recommend Halo Publishing to all authors
out there looking to publish your story!!! I give them 5 Stars all the way!!!”

-Loretta R. Theus-Tolliver

“Halo Publishing was incredible. Lisa and her staff work tirelessly to bring out the very
best in each and every one of their authors, from brainstorming to marketing ideas and editing. We can’t say enough about Halo. Thank you for bringing the kids’ creativity
to book-form for others to enjoy. You are simply the best!!!!”

-Singleton Family

“I found the people at Halo Publishing to be as passionate about my story as I am. They’ve treated me with great respect and professionalism from the very beginning. Their combined years of hands-on experience in the children’s literary industry coupled with their genuine concern for my success placed me in the best position as a new author.”

-Dawn Aldrich

“I have always had the dream of writing a book about animals. Halo Publishing
made that dream come true. With the help and guidance of Lisa Umina, I was able
to share my ‘wild’ world with children of all ages. This has been a wonderful,
exciting, and educational experience for me…”

-Jungle Bob Tuma

“It’s been almost one year exactly since my book, Acorn Gert & Brother Bert was
published. I want to thank Halo Publishing International for making my FIRST book
publishing experience, a great one. If you’re thinking about self-publishing,
I highly recommend Lisa M. Umina Author and her team.”

-Elizabeth Duncan Stretar

“Publishing and marketing can be a big mystery and a difficult process, but not for me. Halo took me through step by step, considered all my questions, and answered ones I didn’t even know I had. I feel confident knowing that my publisher was first an author herself.”

-Natalie Friedl

“Lisa and her team do a great job in helping authors publish their work.
I had a clear vision for my book and a completed manuscript. Lisa’s team made
the final product shine. They interface with all of the on-line distributors and
POD with Ingram. Their cover design catches your attention and draws you in.
They continue to be supportive and helpful to me in developing my career.”

-Anna May Meade

“Professionalism, friendliness, encouragement. Beautiful cover design,
professional editing, marketing, and translation service.”

-Gabriella Eva Nagy