Tim Martin & Margarita Martin

Tim began his professional journey as a copywriter, creative director and agency owner. In 2004, he began working primarily with individual professionals to optimize their performance. He then earned an MBA, Master's in Exercise Science and became a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). He later earned a Precision Nutrition Coach Certification and became a Certified Life Coach with the John Maxwell Team. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Ministry.

From Tim's "LifeFLOW Phenomenon System®" to his "5 Simple Steps to a Legacy®" to his "Trail of Transformation®" and "Bump Effect® Theory," he has continued to innovate and rethink methodologies to help people optimize their health so as to maximize their purpose. With the application of his education, experience, crazy discipline for wellness, and passion for purpose, you can be assured you now have within your grasp a ticket for the single most important and exciting journey on which you could ever embark.

He also has what he describes as a secret weapon - a highly charismatic wife, MARGARITA MARTIN, who loves to coach, teach and speak. They have been married over ten years, share four children (ages 8, 6, 4, 2), and often train together as well as plan and work together.